Oh what a season it has been! At the end of the day on May 15th, after the F1 tornado swept through in the blink of an eye, we were not sure if we would be able to re-open for the rest of the season. And if we could, we didn’t know how long it might take. But a week later, we were back up and operational!

We could not have accomplished this little miracle were it not for the many friends, neighbors, and faithful guests who stepped up, showed up, geared up, prayed up, called up, and lifted us up in many, many ways.

As a small but sincere gesture of thanks, we have made the decision to extend the 2018 season for an additional week. Instead of a closing date of October 8, we will now be closing on Sunday, October 14.

We want to offer one more chance for you to come enjoy the lake, each other, and hopefully, the beautiful fall foliage.

So the call the Keen Lake Office to book your last hurrah for the season, keeping in mind the following:

–We will have very limited office hours and staff the weekend of October 12th. Keep this in mind for check-in purposes.

–There will be no activities the weekend of the 12th, and the snackbar, the pool, and perhaps even the swimming area in the lake will be closed. However, boat rentals and equipment sign-outs will still be available. Overall, it will be low key and minimal when it comes to amenities, so plan accordingly.

–We are lifting our “must book 7 nights or longer to guarantee a specific site” rule. If the site of your choice is still open when you call to book, it’s all yours!

Thank you again from the bottom of hearts. We love our Keen Lake family, and we’re looking forward to our bonus week with you!